Employee Retention Plan



  • Do you know what employee retention plan is?
  • Do you have more than 1 employee?
  • Do you know what the benefits to employer are?
  • Do you know how will you retain your employee for a long time?
  • Do you know what the benefits employee get?
  • Did you know? Infosys Technologies has bought the world's largest life insurance policy from LIC for a sum assured of around Rs. 6000 Crore with a premium of around Rs. 3 Crore.
  • Did you know? BSNL has bought the biggest corporate life insurance policy in the world for 3.5 lakh employees and a S.A. of Rs. 4,770 Crore from the LIC.

Highlights of the plan:-

  • This plan allows employer to retain his important employees.
  • The employee is rewarded for his loyalty
  • In this plan employer can take an insurance policy on the name of the employee.
  • This plan also can be advantages to every employee from the office peon to directors.
  • Proprietor, Partnership firm, Pvt Ltd. Company, Ltd. Company all are eligible to take insurance policy for their Employees.

Benefits of the plan :-

  • An Employee friendly gesture which promotes a feeling of belongingness.
  • The policy creates an immediate estate for the family.
  • The maturity benefit / death benefit are tax free.
  • Helps in increasing retention.
  • Income tax benefits on premium paid by the employer.
  • As a reward for good service to select band of employees.
  • As an encouragement for continuation in the service.
  • It's a provision for employee's old age & dependents.
  • Employer is the owner of the policy & gets many more benefits
  • Our lot of clients got the benefits from this plan and they established a good relationship with their employees.
  • Employers have an insurable interest in the lives of his employees. In view of this we can allow life insurance cover for employees where the premiums are paid by the employer or both Employer & Employee.

Our clients who benefited from this plan:-

  • M/S. Fun toys took this plan for his 60 Office staff & workers.
  • M/S. Thermofreeze Engineers took this plan for his 10 Office staff & workers.
  • M/S. R.J.Multiwealth Creation Pvt. Ltd took this plan for his 10 Office Staffs.
  • M/S. Wellmac Plastic Pvt. Ltd took this plan for his Office staff & workers.
  • M/S. Nirmal Chem-Plast Pvt. Ltd took this plan for his Office staff & workers.
  • M/S. S.S.F. Plastics India Pvt. Ltd took this plan for his Office staff & workers. And many more…….

So don't miss this opportunity to increase the retention of your employee & established the good relationship with your employee. For more details contact to us.

Thanking you, Yours Faithfully