1. Property contained in a business premises, stocks owned, held in trust/commission and for which one is responsible

2. Premises itself against damage (which one has to make good)

3. Cash, valuables, securities kept in a locked safe or cash box in locked steel cupboard can be specifically covered.

About the policy

Burglary Policy of United India Insurance Co.Ltd. is an insurance cover which is designed for any person whose property is generally exposed to risk of burglary; any person who is liable to make good damage to premises; any person who is liable for goods in commission / trust.

Insurance cover

The Burglary Policy provides cover to the Premises against damage (which one has to makegood); stocks owned, Property located in a business premises or that are held in commission / trust and for which one is liable; valuables, Cash and other securities that are kept in a cash box or in safe locker or in locked steel cupboard.

The amount the policy will pay

In general the policy will pay the actual loss/damage to the insured property in the event of house breaking / burglary, which is subjected to the limit of sum insured. In case if the sum insured is not adequate then the policy will only pay the proportionate loss.

What the policy will not cover

Burglary Policy will not be liable to cover any damage/loss in the case of war perils, Acts of God, Nuclear perils, Strike & Riot; recoverable under Fire/Plate glass insurance policy; goods that are in commission / trust, curios, jewellery, business books, title deeds - unless specifically insured; shop lifting, or any acts involving insured/his employee/family members.; any abstraction from a safe using a original or duplicate key, unless it is obtained by any threat or violence.

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